The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the latest edition of its academic peer-reviewed journal, the European Policy Review, published in June 2021.

In 2014, the European Student Think Tank established the European Policy Review, a peer reviewed journal. The journal aims to publish academic papers by undergraduate and postgraduate  students on topics related to policymaking in the European Union. All papers are submitted to an  anonymous peer-review process conducted by graduate and doctoral students. This year marks the fourth volume of the European Policy Review. The journal is published annually.

From the editors, Nguyen Dang Dao and Luke Cavanaugh:

“This year has seen countries across Europe begin their slow recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic. The global health crisis is a real test for the unity of the EU, and the European Student Think Tank (EST) as a major platform for the European youth. Despite that, EST remains committed to providing opportunities for young people across Europe to get involved in the European policy- making process. The European Policy Review 2021, the flagship publication of EST, represents our effort to gather voices of students and young professionals and talk about issues that matter to them.”

Dr. Christos Kourtelis: “The European Policy Review has emerged as a very useful source of policy relevant studies in different areas of EU affairs. The articles provide insights of the different stages of the policy cycle and contribute significantly to our understanding of the European policy making.”
Dr. Michela Ceccorulli: “Spanning from integration/disintegration to development and human rights issues and covering multiple geographical areas, the European Policy Review makes an invaluable contribution to exploring some of the crucial challenges ahead for the European Union, providing timely, accurate and high-standard analyses. A must-read for early-career students and researchers.”

In this edition coordinated by the Editors-in-Chief Nguyen Dang Dao and Luke Cavanaugh, you will find:

  • Stan Bruurs – What Pioneering Policy Solution Should the European Union Employ to Advance the European Project and to Build a more European Union in the Decades Ahead?

Stan Bruurs is the winner of the first ever European Policy Prize

  • Sarah Lehmkuehler – The Future of the EU: Integration or Disintegration
  • Tjadina Herber – Brussels and the Paks II project: How a Russo-Hungarian Nuclear Deal Reveals Internal Contestation about EU Energy Governance
  • Alexandra Smith – Revising EULEX and Conditionality in Kosovo: Challenges, Purpose, and Practice
  • Ákos Baumgartner – Negotiating the Post-Cotonou Agreement: Why the European Union and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States Could not Reach an Agreement on Time
  • Aurélie Gillet – The Role of the Space Defence Industry in the International Relations of the European Union
  • Guido Lanfranchi – The EU Trust Fund for Africa: Is This Inclusive development?
  • Simon Eckert – The Construction of Identity and Crisis in the Visegrád- States since the Schengen Crisis
  • Thais Ayuso Deshmukh, Sean Cotter-Lem, & Nils Dubois – The Trade-off Between Civil Rights and Technological Innovation – How to Reconcile the Right to Privacy and EU Business
  • Gagantika Sidhu, Iliriana Gjoni, & Julia Vázquez – EU as the Global Guardian of Human Rights: Myth or Reality
  • Irakli Gabidzashvili – The EU Enlargement to the Western Balkans: Accession Negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania