The EST has partnered up with sev­eral organ­iz­a­tions to provide stu­dents with con­tent of the highest qual­ity. This cooper­a­tion involves the pub­lic­a­tion of each other’s con­tent, set­ting up events together, and so forth. As EST is a non-partisan organ­iz­a­tion, we do not select our part­ners based on their polit­ical affil­i­ation but rather on the qual­ity of their work and their suc­cess at involving young people in the European policy process.

If an organ­iz­a­tion is inter­ested in set­ting up an offi­cial part­ner­ship with EST, please con­tact us at or at

The EST is proud to part­ner with the fol­low­ing organizations:


WhatsApp Image 2020-08-17 at 13.43.05The Prisma European Network is a pan-european platform with members in Europe, Eastern Partnership countries, North Africa and the Middle East. PrismaEU gathers active organizations in the youth field that are committed to develop qualitative youthwork at an international level by taking advantage of the new media technologies. You can contact Prisma here.

debating europe

Debat­ing Europe is a suc­ces­ful innov­at­ive online plat­form launched by Friends of Europe and Europe’s World, in part­ner­ship with the European Par­lia­ment, Microsoft Europe, and Gal­lup. Debat­ing Europe puts cit­izens’ ideas and sug­ges­tions on vital issues shap­ing our future dir­ectly to poli­cy­makers and influ­en­tial thinkers to either sup­port or criticise.

unnamed.pngThe MAES is the association of the Sorbonne’s MA in European Affairs in Paris. It aims at fostering a better knowledge and understanding of the EU at all levels: the MA students not only organize conferences on various EU-related themes and publish articles in the MA’s review Barbarie but also go to schools and high-schools to meet pupils and discuss Europe with them.

The AEAP gathers all the students from Sciences Po’s École d’affaires publiques  whether they are studying public or European affairs. This enables the association to plan a complete and transversal schedule. Throughout the year, the AEAP team endeavours to propose all kinds of events in English and in French.


viEUws is a new digital plat­form on EU policy devel­op­ment. By provid­ing high qual­ity video inter­views and debates with top EU decision-makers and stake­hold­ers, this innov­at­ive plat­form is a must for every­one inter­ested in EU policies.

atlantic community

Help­ing shape for­eign policy: since 2007, has been using its online plat­form to do just this. As an open think tank, AC aims to strengthen the cul­ture of for­eign policy by encour­aging stu­dents and young pro­fes­sion­als through­out the world to dis­cuss policy recom­mend­a­tions with decision-makers.

pdu-logo The Pro­ject for Demo­cratic Union (PDU) is a polit­ical think-tank which makes the case for a full polit­ical union of the Euro­zone. We believe in a boldly  demo­cratic, uni­fied Europe with a strong civil soci­ety and pub­lic sphere. Our activ­it­ies range from run­ning on- and off­line cam­paigns to organ­ising aca­demic pro­jects and enlist­ing con­trib­ut­ors of all nation­al­it­ies and pro­fes­sional backgrounds.

ThinkYoung_Upgraded_Logo1ThinkYoung lob­bies for the pres­ence of young people in European decision-making. Focused on con­duct­ing sur­veys, organ­ising con­fer­ences, pro­du­cing doc­u­ment­ar­ies and pub­lish­ing research by young Europeans, ThinkYoung aims to make “Brus­sels” aware of what young people think. Its vis­ion is to make Europe think young!

The Polit­ical Bouillon is an online inter­na­tional affairs journal run by a group of pas­sion­ate stu­dent journ­al­ists from McGill Uni­ver­sity and Con­cor­dia Uni­ver­sity, whose interests truly span every geo­graphic region of the world and every sphere of polit­ics and inter­na­tional affairs.

The New Fed­er­al­ist has been the paper magazine of the Young European Fed­er­al­isnew federalistts  (JEF-Europe) for many years. This web­site is its online ver­sion known as, pub­lished together with the other three lan­guage ver­sions of JEF’s online magazines: Le Taur­illon (French), Treffpunkt Europa (Ger­man) and Eurobull (Italian).

jefJEF is a supra­na­tional, polit­ic­ally plur­al­ist youth NGO. The goal of JEF is the cre­ation of a demo­cratic European fed­er­a­tion as a cru­cial ingredi­ent for peace and a guar­an­tee for a more free, just and demo­cratic soci­ety. JEF fosters true European Cit­izen­ship, works for the widen­ing and deep­en­ing of the EU and aims at bring­ing Europe closer to the citizens.

diktyoDiktio-Network is a new think tank with European ori­ent­a­tion based in Greece and run by pro­fes­sion­als from a diverse background.

SFM LOGOStudent Forum Maastricht is an annual student conference that brings together  50 students from all over Europe and policy-makers of the European Union. The Forum offers international students the possibility to discuss EU related topics in small working groups. In cooperation with the European Commission, the students draft policy proposals dealing with issues currently at stake. Due to the innovative character of the conference ideas can be exchanged between policy-makers of today and tomorrow. SFM is part of the European Studies Association Concordantia at Maastricht University. The conference takes place at the Maastricht University Campus in Brussels from 13th until 17th of April 2016.

EU Society Sussex

The University of Sussex European Union Society is a student forum for debate and discussion on all matters concerning the EU. Whether you are an EU citizen or not, pro-EU or anti-EU is not important as the EU Society’s aim is to create a centre of discussion for people of different backgrounds and different opinions. The EU-Society holds debates, socials and lectures concerning European Union social, political, environmental and economic issues.


Kieskompas is a social enterprise that, embedded in the academic community, combines a strong commitment to democracy, a passion for science and a competitive entrepreneurial strategy. Kieskompas is a worldwide leader in developing online and offline voting advice tools, organizing political debates and producing academic research and media content.

Since its first project, the Dutch Parliament elections in 2006, Kieskompas has evolved into a dynamic, but solid and highly efficient operation. Kieskompas has developed successful projects during local, regional, national and European elections in more than 40 countries

SES LOGOThe Study Association for European Studies, also known as SES, aims to support the study European Studies at the University of Amsterdam in multiple areas for the benefit of its students. One of the hallmarks of European Studies is that all students have room to explore their own interests in the form of variants, minors and elective courses. This makes it harder to build up a social network within the study. SES is at the centre of students’ social life at European Studies. Since its insurrection in 1987, the association has grown to be the largest of its faculty. SES organizes numerous activities to provide students with the best possible years of study. First and foremost their aim is to provide a deepening of our understanding of European Studies through our lectures, debates, day trips, study trips and other study related activities. Amongst these their quarterly magazine Eurovisie plays a critical role. It contains many interesting articles about Europe and related subjects, but also about the latest developments within our association SES.


EU-Events is the only web portal gathering all EU-related events in Brussels, organised by the European institutions, regional and national representations, universities, think-tanks, political parties and NGOs.

Brussels welcomes students, trainees, job-seekers and professionals interested in European Affairs. This makes the European capital a unique place for networking. To fully enjoy all the benefits of this international environment, they help you to find out upcoming events, attend them and expand your network … and it’s all 100% free!


The King’s College London Think Tank is the first student-led policy institute in London. The think tank was founded in late 2010 in the wake of the student protests as a way of giving students another means of getting their voices heard by using the skills and subject knowledge that they learn at KCL practically. Students from all disciplines are invited to come and contribute to problem-solving on a wide variety of issues such as foreign policy, energy and environment and many other areas of public policy.

The recommendations they generate will be published in a journal at the end of each academic year. Their discussions will be supplemented by presentations from guest speakers throughout the year. The best thing about the society is that every public policy issue has a wide variety of different aspects, meaning that medics are just as important as historians and engineers can provide as much insight as lawyers!


Politix EU is a digital platform that makes citizens aware of EU policies shaping our everyday lives – in plain and simple language.We communicate what abstract legislative proposal could mean for their lives and give them the chance to share their opinion on the proposal with other citizens but also with policy-makers, thereby closing the communication gap between citizens and policy-makers and legislators.


DamMUN is a student-led organization organizing the first model United Nations in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They host conferences based on a traditional model United Nations structure but with a fresh Dutch twist. Short for Amsterdam Model United Nations, DamMUN is influenced by their home city of Amsterdam; in that, they are youthful yet professional, progressive yet classic, and open yet critical.


The Polish Forum of Young Diplomats (PFYD) is a nationwide non-governmental organization that brings together young people, students and graduates of a number of Polish and foreign universities, who have defined career ambitions of working in an international environment. The vast majority of nearly 100 members of the PFYD are people with experience in national and international non-governmental organizations as well as, employees of the Polish public administration and the European Union institutions. The PFYD was established in 2002 and since then has been achieving its goals and objectives through Regional Representations based in Cracow, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan, Tricity and Warsaw. Their mission is to: “Create and educate future Leaders who, by their activities, will ensure the strong and stable position of Poland in the arena of international politics”.


YouthProAktiv is an organization aiming at creating a generation of proactive individuals ready to invest their talents for the betterment of society by starting their own business and creating jobs for themselves and others. Amongst other things, they created the Transatlantic Leadership Program which is designed to identify the brightest young people from the European Union and the United States and allow them to undergo a three-month internship at the United States Congress for European students and the European Parliament for American participants. They hope this will strengthen the EU-US relationship by creating a generation of social and political leaders that are able to understand the importance of a symbiotic transatlantic relationship.


UNSA Spain aims to create a network of cooperation between youth organizations engaged in the promotion of the UN’s values. They host an annual model United Nations, aim to promote intercultural exchange and provide training. Their activities seek to be as participatory and transparent as possible, adapting and continuously following the proposals of the participants and partners.

Eyes in Europe was founded in 2004 by students from the Institute for Eeyes-on-europe-logo-1413490111uropean Studies (ULB). They are a student-led organization dealing with European affairs. Their main objective is to promote European citizenship and dialogue through cross-country debate, spreading information about the European Union among a younger public, and encourage European students to ponder on European issues. Check their website out for their magazine, events, and articles on