The EST has partnered up with sev­eral organ­iz­a­tions to provide stu­dents with con­tent of the highest qual­ity. This cooper­a­tion involves the pub­lic­a­tion of each other’s con­tent, set­ting up events together, and so forth. As EST is a non-partisan organ­iz­a­tion, we do not select our part­ners based on their polit­ical affil­i­ation but rather on the qual­ity of their work and their suc­cess at involving young people in the European policy process.

If an organ­iz­a­tion is inter­ested in set­ting up an offi­cial part­ner­ship with EST, please con­tact us at or at

The EST is proud to part­ner with the fol­low­ing organizations:

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Europa Per L'Italia Logo

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The Institute for a Greater Europe logo

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Eye on Global Health logo


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Equipo Europa logo

Students Against Covid logo

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SMR logo

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