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How the European Parliament became a major actor in Trade Policy

Written by Antoine Latran Last month, in my first column dedicated to the power of the European Union in trade policy, I detailed how the EU used its Common Commercial Policy to diffuse the norms and regulations it hopes to… Continue Reading →

Why Trade Is the European Union’s Best Foreign Policy Asset

Written by Antoine Latran Introduction There has been a number of debates over the years on the European Union’s place in the world. Despite France’s President Emmanuel Macron calls for a more coordinated Europe in terms of defence and military… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Thick Skin

Written by Paulina Rios-Maya After entering the field of international security as an intern at the World Customs Organization I discovered a group dedicated to the promotion of women in another wise male-dominated sector. ‘Women in International Security’ is a… Continue Reading →

Seduction and Diplomacy: the Emergence of European Soft Power

Thousands of years ago, Athens used to influence Ancient Greece with its prestige and attractiveness of its culture; but does the European Union today have a seduction power as well? In this article series, Alexander Stonor will question the ability of... Continue Reading →

It takes two hands to clap: refugees in Europe

Small initiatives create big actions. Years ago, Rozemarijn nearly unconsciously decided to approach the world with an open mind. As a consequence, she has been challenging her prior notions about different people ever since. Moreover, she started exploring a part... Continue Reading →

Gender Matters: Intersectional Feminism as a Leitmotif for EU politics

The objective of this column is to raise awareness of the urgent need for a feminist perspective in European Politics. In detail, it means giving marginalized groups like women a voice and a choice. Although there is already a higher... Continue Reading →

Current environmental challenges seen from a student’s perspective

In this column, Jimena González shares her view regarding current environmental challenges. After living in the U.S, she became more aware of the urgent need of addressing issues related to the environment. Moving to London has challenged her points of... Continue Reading →

A Trainee’s Guide to Human Rights

In this column, Jade offers a peek into the life of a trainee at an EU institution and not only writes about her own experiences, but also current events especially those relating to human rights.

Europe’s Forgotten Stories: A Counter-Narrative

The danger of telling only one side of a story is that it quickly becomes the only side. Following this motto, this article series seeks to challenge the dominant narrative that only a restricted segment of society has shaped Europe... Continue Reading →

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