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Stories From the Heart, Food For the Soul: A Sneak Peak Into ‘HomeTelling’

  You have probably already heard that HomeTelling is famously having its book launch in Brussels next week (September 25th, European Policy Centre, 14-16 Rue de Trone, 1000 Brussels). But if you haven’t heard about it yet and wonder what… Continue Reading →

Migration in Europe: An Artistic Twist

“Waves of refugees” – what sounds like an innocent metaphor demonstrates a naturalized portrayal of the millions of people who have fled their homes in search for safety; namely that of a security and economic threat comparable to a natural… Continue Reading →

New Colourful Realities in Europe; New Art?

The new reality of Europe is that the majority of its inhabitants is no longer of one certain group; Europe has become superdiverse. The biggest cities in Europe are no longer homogenous but consist of Europeans with different backgrounds (Crul,… Continue Reading →

The Arts, Human Rights and the Legal Dimension

What is the extent of our artistic freedom and how is our right in expressing our views through art forms protected and stimulated in the EU? How can we stimulate the artistic and cultural expression of children specifically through education?… Continue Reading →

Who is Seated at the Table? Where Identity Politics, Social Activism, and the Arts Meet

The era of global interconnection seemly questions who is seated at the table, the table being the grandiose metaphor of democracy, power and representation in society. In the West, this metaphorical table has been predominantly dominated by the white male… Continue Reading →

Champagne, Chauffeurs, and Monet: The Problem of Art as Just Another Luxury

The world of the wealthy is easy to picture. It’s one of glamor and indulgence; one of beautiful people surrounded by beautiful things. It’s a world envied by many but enjoyed by few. In addition to the Rolexes, jewels, and… Continue Reading →

What Do You Think About Art? – A report on young Europeans’ perception of their cultural environment

Culture represents one of the most powerful resources Europe can make use of. Think about how Intercultural dialogue can help to bring individuals closer together or how cultural cooperation can foster processes of democratisation and also about its strong economic… Continue Reading →

The Scream of the Past and The Starry Night of the Future

ART. Three letters, one word, and no universal meaning. This seemingly simply word can itself already cause you to either get really excited or roll your eyes. But ‘art’ is so much more than just paintings or drawings, it can… Continue Reading →

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