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“Let Europe Arise”

By Anna Diamantopoulou. Originally published on 2013/05/17 “Let Europe Arise”1 Southern Europe is burning. This crisis has turned out to be the great catalyst exposing national ills of prevailing political and banking systems. Conventions were overthrown and political establishments dismantled;… Continue Reading →

Germany and the crisis of the periphery

Originally published on Mar 19th, 2012 Ger­many has played a major role in every dis­cus­sion revolving around the cur­rent Greek budget­ary crisis. Not only has the coun­try been singled out as the biggest cred­itor, and more gen­er­ally as Europe’s pay­mas­ter,… Continue Reading →

Why austerity is not going to save Greece

Originally published onFeb 26th, 2012 Let us be hon­est: Severe aus­ter­ity meas­ures are not going to work. Cut­ting budgets is not going to save neither Greece nor Por­tugal. It might actu­ally do exactly the oppos­ite. This does not mean that… Continue Reading →

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