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How is (or isn’t) the EU dealing with the Eastern Mediterranean crisis?

Written by Virginia Tosti In international affairs, it is often the case that conflicts arise when there is no common agreement on what specific law should apply in a given situation; despite conventions and treaties, international law remains misleading or… Continue Reading →

Vitamin D Deficiency in Greece and Ukraine

Addressing contemporary health issues in the frame of the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries Written by Christos Tsagkaris and Anastasiia Hoian In order to create effective strategies of solving global healthcare problems, medical researchers and practitioners from different countries have… Continue Reading →

Wolfgang Schäuble acclaimed as never before

 By Delia Träger, Bachelor of Communication Research from the University of Münster. The impact of medial framing on the popularity of the German minister of finance during the negotiations about the third EU-rescue program for Greece. Is the glass half-full or… Continue Reading →

Greece: A Geopolitical Eurocrisis

By Marten Kooistra, President of the European Student Think Tank. After a loud ‘no’ against a proposed financial plan for Greece, European leaders find themselves behind closed doors, talking about trust and numbers in a more serious tone than ever… Continue Reading →

The Cyprus Issue and the Joint Declaration

by Markella Toumaniou. Originally published on 2014/05/03 On February 11th, 2014, a joint declaration was drawn by Nikos Anastasiades (President of the Republic of Cyprus) and Dervis Eroglou (leader of the Turkish community), the two leaders of Cyprus. It inaugurated… Continue Reading →

The paradox of the Greek presidency in the Council

by Luis Vilacha Fernandez. Originally published on 2014/02/25 2014 will be a year of great challenges. During this year Europeans will face the EU elections in May that will determine the next five years of the Union in terms of… Continue Reading →

Greek Golden Dawn member kills leftist hip – hop artist Pavlos Fyssas in Athens – the rise of extremism in Europe?

by Lamprini Basdeki. Originally published on 2013/09/29 With the  murder of a leftist hip-hop artist by an extremist party member only a few days ago, Europe finds itself on alert: the rise of extremist groups in the European states as… Continue Reading →

It’s the German elections, not the end of the world

On a European level, much has been put on hold until the new German government is appointed: The bailout fund known as the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is not due to be set up until after the elections, the Irish… Continue Reading →

What Daniel Cohn Bendit brought to Athens

by Styliani Kampani. Originally published on 2013/06/26 Daniel Cohn-Bendit visited Athens last week on his rally for different Europe in times of crisis and uncertainty. During his two-day visit, apart from the typical press conferences and cultural happenings, he visited… Continue Reading →

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