In our new cooperation with the Study Association for European Studies (SES) we hope to contribute to our goal of bridging the gap between Students and Brussels. The EST and SES have agreed to cooperate on organizing events, promotion and most importantly: offering students interested in EU-related matters the opportunity to make their voices heard! For we are definitely interested in what students of SES have to say, opinionwise as well as academically. Papers, blogs, articles etc. can be send to our Editor in Chief Enrike:



The Study Association for European Studies, also known as SES, aims to support the study European Studies at the University of Amsterdam in multiple areas for the benefit of its students. SES is at the center of students’ social life at European Studies. SES organizes numerous activities to provide students with the best possible years of study. First and foremost our aim is to provide a deepening of our understanding of European Studies through our lectures, debates, day trips, study trips and other study related activities. Amongst these our quarterly magazine Eurovisie plays a critical role. It contains many interesting articles about Europe and related subjects, but also about the latest developments within our association SES.

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