Month June 2016

Trump: From Parody Candidate to a Threat to International Security

By Carlota Núñez Strutt, trainee in the European Parliament. Images of how Trump made his bodyguards expel a Univision journalist (1) -the hispanic TV station with the highest diffusion in the US- from one of his events, his use of the… Continue Reading →

EST Think Tank Press Release on Brexit

Following the EU referendum results, the EST Board issues the following press release: [youtube] Since the European Student Think Tank was founded, our commitment has been to involve young people in the European Policy making process. A process based… Continue Reading →

Britain’s EU referendum – A guide to non UK citizens

By Matt Evans, British Ambassador to the EST. Britain’s referendum over EU membership is one of the key events in European politics this year. Despite the importance of this, there remains a great deal of confusion over several vital aspects… Continue Reading →

Free Trade Agreements – A brief history

By Sebastian Keil. Sebastian will begin a program in International Studies at the University of Leiden in September. Free trade is a term that appeals to the human mind because it creates the image of a flourishing economy. (1) Trade… Continue Reading →

EST newsletter: Bare Bones

Dear EST-ers, Another semester has gone by and we are slowly drawing towards the beautiful European summer time. Despite spring being in the air, many more sombre events have taken place in these last months ranging from the Brussels’ Attack… Continue Reading →

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