By Pablo Rubio Navarro. Pablo is a journalist for El Internacionalista newspaper and student of International Relations and Journalism in the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Children in rubbles in Gaza, in the Palestinian-Israeli border

Life goes on beyond Nice and Ankara.

The Parliament of Israel approved a new law last week, proposed by Netanyahu’s Government, in order to establish severe control mechanisms on those NGOs that receive more than a half of their financial support from abroad. The majority of them are dedicated to providing humanitarian aid; they’re usually very critical with the president and with Israeli right-wing and extreme right-wing parties. Their representatives have condemned the decision as soon as they have taken notice of it. The conservative organizations, nevertheless, are not binded by this new disposition.

Another dose of vitamins for the Israeli government, just another display of obstinacy which undermines any tentative of a peaceful solution. It depends on the perspective.

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