Month July 2016

Brexit Secretary David Davis: the Conservative backbencher who is ill-equipped to lead Britain’s negotiations

By Matt Evans, British Ambassador to the European Student Think Tank. The chain of events that occurred as a response to the Brexit vote was unprecedented in modern British political history. As soon as Cameron had announced his resignation on… Continue Reading →

Warsaw NATO Summit: Polish perspective

By Kinga Jaromin, Polish Ambassador to the EST. NATO Summit, held on the 8-9 of July in Warsaw was an event of great importance not only for the alliance itself, but also for countries from the so called Eastern Flank,… Continue Reading →

EST Press Release on recent terror attacks:

In the last few days we have witnessed terrible attacks in Kabul, Munich, Nice and the latest news is of a terrorist attack in Baghdad. More than ever we must reaffirm our commitment to human rights, international solidarity and cooperation,… Continue Reading →

The demeaning way in which newspapers portray violence against women

By Carlota Núñez Strutt, trainee in the European Parliament. “The medium is the message” Marshall McLuhan. The explicit portrayal of a rape case in San Fermín (Spanish festivity) by the principal Spanish media this week does not empower the victim…. Continue Reading →

EST Report on the European Refugee Crisis

Report coordinated by Hester Mennes, Dutch Ambassador to the EST. Maartje Smeets, Marlinda van der Hoff, Fiona Naismith, Zeph M. C. van Berlo, Annick Bijkerk, Andrea Wojcik, Basti Keil, Corine Schuuring, Alexandra Deák, Jolinde Dermaux and Anne van Groningen have done… Continue Reading →

Life goes on beyond Nice and Ankara

By Pablo Rubio Navarro. Pablo is a journalist for El Internacionalista newspaper and student of International Relations and Journalism in the Rey Juan Carlos University. Life goes on beyond Nice and Ankara. The Parliament of Israel approved a new law… Continue Reading →

In Defense of Europe’s Freedom of Movement

Robert Zielonka, from the Graduates of Democracy Organization. Article as published in It is when I cross a border far away from home, in Asia or in the Middle East, that I am reminded of one of the biggest… Continue Reading →

Wolfgang Schäuble acclaimed as never before

 By Delia Träger, Bachelor of Communication Research from the University of Münster. The impact of medial framing on the popularity of the German minister of finance during the negotiations about the third EU-rescue program for Greece. Is the glass half-full or… Continue Reading →

Interview with Council of Europe Trainees Agathe Meriaux & Juan Galván

By Carlota Núñez Strutt, Director of Communication of the European Student Think Tank. The EST spoke to two former Council of Europe interns, who spent several months in Strasbourg at the heart of the European policy process. Juan and Agathe… Continue Reading →

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