Month January 2017

EU Foreign Policy Overview-Summary

  Dear Readers, In the past year the world, and the EU in particular, has faced numerous developments that appear a major surprise to many people. BREXIT, the victory of Donald Trump in the US elections, increased Russian influence in… Continue Reading →

European Student Think Tank statement on Trump’s Muslim Ban

We, the countries and the people that built the United Nations, that brought Universal Justice in the Nuremberg Trials and vowed that we would never repeat the horrors of the Second World War cannot stand impassive. We cannot stand impassive… Continue Reading →

Can EU monetarism function without fiscal compatibility?

  One of the concerns facing the European Union (EU) as a monetary union is whether it can justly support itself as a politico-economic institution solely utilising monetarism in the absence of a ‘fiscal union’, which would fundamentally require a… Continue Reading →

From ‘Centuries-Old Rivalry’ To Friendship: The Role of The Élysée Treaty in The Franco-German Cooperation

On January 22th 1963, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles de Gaulle sealed the symbolic beginning of the Franco-German friendship as they signed the Élysée Treaty in Paris. That brief document of just under six pages, seen as… Continue Reading →

Brexit may be our last chance to achieve a two-speed Europe

Gordon Brown expressed a memorable idea during the referendum. He claimed that the E.U. should be   “A United Europe of States, not a United States of Europe.” Britain could champion a looser arrangement of states on Europe’s ‘Outer’ periphery: The European Outer Area (EOA). This… Continue Reading →

A Brit’s Post-Brexit Relationship with the EU

  I voted for Remain on 23rd June. I voted for freedom of movement. I voted for European solidarity and cooperation. I voted for my European future. I voted for my European Union citizenship. I voted with conviction and I… Continue Reading →

Is the EU’s environmental policy a clay-footed colossus?

    While the European Union ratified the Paris Agreement last October, right before the beginning of COP 22 taking place in Marrakech (Morocco), can EU environmental policy realistically aim at a “high level of protection” (in accordance with article… Continue Reading →


Nobody believed in the possibility of Brexit until it actually happened last year. It was out of the blue, and pundits on every continent were shocked. Now in 2017, the uncertainty of the future is felt everywhere. It seems as… Continue Reading →

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