United by effect, divided by response: Youth’s say on Europe’s challenges


The European Student Think Tank Campaign 2020/21 “United by effect, divided by response: Youth’s say on Europe’s challenges” aims to strengthen the need of common endeavours in tackling the challenges of the future of Europe.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has shown that its effects do not distinguish borders. All the EU countries and beyond around the globe have experienced the same difficulties. However, although the whole population was united by its effects, countries were divided in terms of their responses to tackle it. This situation has exacerbated inequalities in the society, letting vulnerable groups to face unprecedented challenges. Among others, we, the youth, see the need to stress our preoccupations, ensuring that we can add value on rebuilding the new post-covid scenery. The upcoming years are decisive, and we believe that a strengthened EU integrated society is possible.

Only by giving voice to the diverse youth, from rural to urban areas, different socio economic backgrounds, nationalities, sex, ages , or disabilities, will we ensure that no one is left behind as a consequence of the pandemic. 

We intend to do so by providing a forum for debate. In the upcoming term, we will continue publishing articles, academic papers and policy briefs; providing research, organising workshops and activities as well as welcoming joint collaboration with world-wide organisations. 

The European Student Think Tank is willing to elevate the youth´s voice on Europe’s challenges ahead. We are all in the same boat, will we all row together?

The EST Board 2020/21.

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