Your Vote, Your Europe

This campaign aims at encouraging young Europeans to vote in the next European elections in 23-26 May 2019. We strongly support the youth participation in the European decision-making process as we believe that young people should carry out a strong message.

The title underlines the importance of Your Vote that will ensure a better future for Your Europe. The main purpose is to raise awareness among youth and make them realize that they can shape the European arena with their participation, regardless of their political views, but under common European values.

Lack of participation and populism threat these European elections. Among the European institutions, European Parliament runs its campaign in order to overcome the obstacles. However, the key to success is the youth and their vote, representing the tool to build a foundation for a future brighter union. Only seven months ahead of the EU elections, you can make the difference by bridging the gap between the EU and the young Europeans.

Join us and help us spread the message in every Member State!

The main activities that will bring you one step closer to the Youth Participation in European Elections campaign are the following:

  • Videos
  • Articles and interviews
  • Common articles of our network of Ambassadors
  • Events in Europe and at European institutions
  • Debates and conferences
  • Polls on social media

If you have started thinking of becoming an active member of EST’s network and wish to be involved in our campaign, do not hesitate to get in touch with Andri, our Campaign & Events manager at

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