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Brexit Secretary David Davis: the Conservative backbencher who is ill-equipped to lead Britain’s negotiations

By Matt Evans, British Ambassador to the European Student Think Tank. The chain of events that occurred as a response to the Brexit vote was unprecedented in modern British political history. As soon as Cameron had announced his resignation on… Continue Reading →

The UK – A sense of fear and division following Brexit

By Matt Evans, British Ambassador to the EST. By a margin of 51.9% to 48.1%, on Thursday 23rd June Britain shocked the world and voted to leave the European Union.  The result has revealed what many commentators had long feared… Continue Reading →

Why Brexit is not the Beginning and not the End of Euroscepticism

By Wiebke Junge, MSc. Candidate in EU Politics at the European Institute at LSE. Jean-Claude Juncker did not even comment on the question whether the Brexit vote will mean the end of the EU. At the first press conference after the… Continue Reading →

Britain’s EU referendum – A guide to non UK citizens

By Matt Evans, British Ambassador to the EST. Britain’s referendum over EU membership is one of the key events in European politics this year. Despite the importance of this, there remains a great deal of confusion over several vital aspects… Continue Reading →

‘Better together?’: Why the EU should understand ‘Brexit’ as a virtue, not a vice

By Johannes Tropper, EST Ambassador to Austria.  Prime Minister of the UK and head of the Conservative Party David Cameron promised the British electorate to hold a referendum on British membership in the EU. Months of negotiations concluded with a… Continue Reading →

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