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(Seven reasons) why the EU’s leaders are justified in playing hardball with Britain over Brexit.

Although a decent deal on Brexit is in the interests of both, Britain deserves a run for its money in the forthcoming negotiations. Reasons for this may not be immediately obvious to the British observers, nor to the many in… Continue Reading →

The Austrian aftermath – why the EU has a problem with sanctioning its member states for violating democratic principles

Wiebke Junge studied Political Science in Vienna and European Politics at LSE in London. She recently finished her dissertation on ‘European Sanctions and Democratic Principles’ and currently works as a Parliamentary Assistant to the MP of the Austrian NEOS party,… Continue Reading →

Brexit Secretary David Davis: the Conservative backbencher who is ill-equipped to lead Britain’s negotiations

By Matt Evans, British Ambassador to the European Student Think Tank. The chain of events that occurred as a response to the Brexit vote was unprecedented in modern British political history. As soon as Cameron had announced his resignation on… Continue Reading →

Britain’s EU referendum – A guide to non UK citizens

By Matt Evans, British Ambassador to the EST. Britain’s referendum over EU membership is one of the key events in European politics this year. Despite the importance of this, there remains a great deal of confusion over several vital aspects… Continue Reading →

Analysis of UKIP’s Nigel Farage’s xenophobic rhetoric

By Matt Evans, British EST Ambassador. Matt is a final year BA (hons) History and Politics student at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, UK. The upcoming June referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the European… Continue Reading →

Scotland’s 2014 Referendum: Possible Implications for the UK’s domestic production in the North Sea?

by Elpida Theodoridou. Originally published on 2014/05/14 In September 2014 a referendum is anticipated to take place in Scotland that will decide whether Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom as it is or will become an independent country… Continue Reading →

The Brixit Folly – Untangling David Cameron’s Eurosceptic knot

by Jonas Brynhildsen. Originally published on 2013/12/22 It can hardly have come as a major surprise to anyone with a vested interest in European or British politics when the Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced his proposal for a referendum… Continue Reading →

Discussion Forum 3: David Cameron’s speech

Originally published on 2013/01/25 It was a long-awaited speech. Here in the Netherlands, people have been waiting impatiently for David Cameron’s arrival to The Hague and finally sighed because it was cancelled due to heavy snow. If only the speech… Continue Reading →

Don’t give up on us yet. I haven’t

By Frederick van Mierlo. Originally published on 2013/01/10 It’s not exactly a secret that Britain has not always been the most enthusiastic member of the European club. Yet, sitting in the Christmas waiting room of a Specsavers Opticians, as I… Continue Reading →

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