Originally published on 2013/07/18

Watch the debate with Graham Watson MEP (ALDE Group Leader) and Martin Callanan MEP(ECR Group Leader), moderated by Peter O’Donnell.

The UK became a member of the Single Market 40 years ago but David Cameron has planned to hold a referendum on the UK’s future in Europe and senior conservatives are calling for the UK to leave the EU. This has prompted a huge debate in the European Parliament.

Watch the debate between the pros and cons and make up your mind on:

– What are the stakes if the UK leaves the EU?
– What does the EU stand to lose or to gain from a Brexit?
– What could be the deal, if any?

Dis­claimer: This video was ori­gin­ally pub­lished as “Debate: Britain and the EU – Is the UK leading the way or running away?” on May 9, 2013 on viEUws, EST cooper­a­tion partner.

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