Month April 2015

UK General Elections 2015 – What’s in it for the Youth?

by Edita Jat­ulyte, our ambassador for the United Kingdom. The 2015 general elections in the United Kingdom to be held on 7 May are shaping to be the most uncertain elections in a generation. Long gone are the days when… Continue Reading →

One Foot in the Door in Brussels

by Becci Fobbe. Originally published on 2015/02/19 Last month, a representation of the EST board went on an exciting trip to Brussels to spread the idea and impact of our organization. Next to some bonding time in the traffic jams around… Continue Reading →

Opinion – Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free?

By Owen Jones. Originally published on 2015/02/06 Why a disconnected, uncooperative Europe will not solve the problem of uncontrolled refugee-immigration by pretending the issue does not exist There are few better places to live than Western Europe. It is the… Continue Reading →

European Policy Review Publishes First Edition

The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the very first edition of the European Policy Review. The European Policy Review is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes academic, student-written papers on a wide range of topics related to European… Continue Reading →

Editorial – 2015 in Europe and at the EST

Originally published on 2015/01/06 2014 has been a tumultuous year in politics, both inside Europe and outside of it. But today, with 2014 safely behind us, we can look towards all that 2015 will have in store for us. Lithuania… Continue Reading →

Opinion – Why we should support the Abortion Pill Train

by Dearbhla Quinn. Originally published on 2014/12/18 On the 28th of October a group of activists boarded a train from Dublin to Belfast in commemoration of the historic ‘Contraception Train‘ of 1971. I was waiting in Connolly station, among an… Continue Reading →

Opinion – If at first you don’t succeed, fail and bail out again. On the sense and nonsense of the ECB’s extensive stress-tests

by Julie Ann Aelbrecht. Originally published on 2014/11/15 In preparation for a stronger Banking and monetary union, the European Central Bank preformed so-called “stress-tests” with its Single Supervisory Mechanism. The ECB published the results of their thorough year-long examination of the… Continue Reading →

We need to talk about the EU and Ukraine: a little less conversation

by Rodrigo Vaz. Originally published on 2014/11/02 November 2013: Young Ukrainians went out to the streets after President Viktor Yanukovytch backed off from the EU Association Agreement and returned to the old Moscow route. Europe’s reaction: ‘please come back. This is… Continue Reading →


by Lamprini Basdeki, MSc candidate on International Security and Law, University of Southern Denmark. Originally published on 2014/09/20 Introduction During the past years, the relationship between the European Union and Turkey has found itself in a relevant stability: there has been… Continue Reading →

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