I assume since you are reading this, you are an interested and an active member of society. You are a vibrant young student ready for action and deeply enthusiastic about current events and EU integration. There is so much going on in the EU right now, not even to think about the rest of the world. In fact there has only ever once been an occasion for the BBC to not broadcast news and that was back in 1930- so they just played piano music instead. Glorious!

Well alas, alack, this is not our world and as the vibrant youth of the next generation of economic and political wizards, we have to know what is going on in our world. It’s a lot of work all this knowledge accumulation, I know! But this is why you are here, reading this article and I am here writing it- because we care to some degree about happens.

As the president of the EST, I and my team of super EU heroes would like to give you a helping hand and try to help you understand this world around us- so drink our cool-aid. We do not want to shove information down your throat, we want to stimulate your mind and it will not be a one sided relationship either. We will gladly come and watch Netflix and chill with you, we won’t play hard to get.

We want to know how you feel and what you like- so let us know. This is a symbiotic relationship. We need one another to exist and function, something Brussels has trouble understanding sometimes. So give us a shout and let us know what you think. We are here to give you a voice too. (Please no hating on minorities, ethnic groups or racial comments. That is not how we roll.)

Until next week!

Miss President

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