As of today even more young Europeans will be reached by the interesting pieces of the EST! In our discussion on cooperating, EU Events showed interest in sharing our blog posts, academic and opinion articles in their newsletter, on their socials and their website! This way we get to increase our output, and your written work will be read buy even more people.

EU-Events is the only web portal gathering all EU-related events in Brussels, organised by the European institutions, regional and national representations, universities, think-tanks, political parties and NGOs.

Brussels welcomes students, trainees, job-seekers and professionals interested in European Affairs. This makes the European capital a unique place for networking. To fully enjoy all the benefits of this international environment, they help you to find out upcoming events, attend them and expand your network … and it’s all 100% free!

Read more about EU Events: http://www.eu-events.eu/

Or subscribe to their newsletter: http://www.eu-events.eu/subscribe-newsletter.htmlEU EVENTS

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