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The enlargement process as a security guarantee for the Balkan region and a “geopolitical” European Union

Written by the Angelica Puntel (Working Group on Security and Defence) FACT: On March 25th, the Council of the European Union agreed to open accession negotiations with the Republic of Albania and the Republic of North Macedonia.[1] More recently, on… Continue Reading →

We need to talk about the EU and Ukraine: a little less conversation

by Rodrigo Vaz. Originally published on 2014/11/02 November 2013: Young Ukrainians went out to the streets after President Viktor Yanukovytch backed off from the EU Association Agreement and returned to the old Moscow route. Europe’s reaction: ‘please come back. This is… Continue Reading →


by Lamprini Basdeki, MSc candidate on International Security and Law, University of Southern Denmark. Originally published on 2014/09/20 Introduction During the past years, the relationship between the European Union and Turkey has found itself in a relevant stability: there has been… Continue Reading →

Montenegrin Historical Transition

by Milos Markovic. Originally published on 2014/05/30 Montenegro is a state located, according to politically correct expression, on the Western Balkans. In the beginning of the 20th century it became a kingdom, but after a short period of financial difficulty,… Continue Reading →

What Future for Turkey in the EU?

by Rob Edens. Originally published on 2014/02/14 Will Turkey ever join the European Union? Although the saga started over 50 years ago, it has barely budged in recent years after negotiations were frozen over disagreements on the Cypriot issue. The… Continue Reading →

Turkey’s Problematic Relationship with the European Union

by Julian de Medeiros. Originally published on 2013/12/03 The issue of Human Rights in Turkey should not be solely considered within the framework of European a priori accession requirements. Turkey’s history with the EU is a complex one, and the… Continue Reading →

Dobrodošli Hrvatska! Croatia in the EU and its impact on the functioning of the European Union.

by Aleksander Thomas. Originally published on 2013/07/09 Before going into detail, I would like to share my past experience of living in Croatia. I have been able to experience first-hand the political and social complexities of the countries that are… Continue Reading →

The Rise of Authoritarianism on the Edge of Europe

By Tevfik Murat Yildim. Originally published on 2013/01/15 Most people might argue over the ambiguous political situation in Turkey where one has witnessed the rise of both authoritarianism and social and political reforms since 2002, when Recep Tayyip Erdogan came… Continue Reading →

Ukraine: The post-election scene

By Zoi Stambolliou. Originally published on 2012/11/28 Relations between Ukraine and EU are at an impasse. The last two years have been dominated by rows over the abusive practices of the Yanukovich administration. Ukraine has seen serious setbacks to its… Continue Reading →

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