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Why Trade Is the European Union’s Best Foreign Policy Asset

Written by Antoine Latran Introduction There has been a number of debates over the years on the European Union’s place in the world. Despite France’s President Emmanuel Macron calls for a more coordinated Europe in terms of defence and military… Continue Reading →

Qatar–Gulf crisis: What does the EU stand for?

The diplomatic isolation of Qatar from several Arab countries since June 2017 can be considered as one of the biggest crises in the Gulf region in the last few years. So far, a great number of explanations has emerged without… Continue Reading →

A Twenty-Seven Nation Army? Discussing the Likelihood of a Common Army for the European Union

A Twenty-Seven Nation Army? Discussing the Likelihood of a Common Army for the European Union The EU foreign ministers convened on March 6, 2017 in Brussels to create a legal framework for the EU Military Planning and Conduct Capabilities, a quasi military… Continue Reading →


    This article is a part of research activities of the EU Foreign Policy Research Group. The European Union is unlike any other entity, a ‘trendsetter’ in the areas of economy, domestic politics and international affairs. Functioning as a… Continue Reading →

EU Foreign Policy Overview-Summary

  Dear Readers, In the past year the world, and the EU in particular, has faced numerous developments that appear a major surprise to many people. BREXIT, the victory of Donald Trump in the US elections, increased Russian influence in… Continue Reading →

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