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Role of Brexit in Gender Equality

Author: Tabea Boeglin In June 2016, as a result of a referendum held in the United Kingdom (UK), voters decided that the UK was going to leave the European Union (EU); otherwise commonly referred to as “Brexit”. Results showed that… Continue Reading →

Women have Souls, Weapons do not: A Gender Perspective

Written by Sumudu Lankika Ginigathgala Let us travel back in time: the date is 31 October 2000. Feminist transnational advocacy networks around the world are celebrating the birth of a new resolution. This novelty is the United Nations Security Council Resolution… Continue Reading →

Gender Matters: Intersectional Feminism as a Leitmotif for EU politics

The objective of this column is to raise awareness of the urgent need for a feminist perspective in European Politics. In detail, it means giving marginalized groups like women a voice and a choice. Although there is already a higher... Continue Reading →

Engaging men in ending gender inequality

At the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, the UN Secretariat was quivered by the motivational and thought-provoking speech delivered by British actress Emma Watson. Watson’s speech was not only a plea but also a call… Continue Reading →

Europe’s stance on gender-based affirmative action

By Amparo Santiago, LLB/International Business undergraduate, editor and writer for the European Student Think Tank In two weeks’ time, Naomi Climer steps in as the first female president of the Institution of Engineering and Technology – the world’s largest multidisciplinary professional… Continue Reading →

How will LIVRE influence Portuguese democracy?

By José Baptista, our Portuguese ambassador As the economic crisis takes its toll on the Portuguese people, traditional political parties are also suffering and new parties were created trying to take advantage of the generalised discontentment towards politicians. Last year, former… Continue Reading →

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