Month February 2017

She Waited Long Enough – Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė

Feminism is a somewhat infamous term. One of the primary reasons is lack of public awareness what this word stands for. Many Conservatives in Lithuania would align it with Valerie Solanas adherents, while some might even thing it is just… Continue Reading →

Engaging men in ending gender inequality

At the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, the UN Secretariat was quivered by the motivational and thought-provoking speech delivered by British actress Emma Watson. Watson’s speech was not only a plea but also a call… Continue Reading →

She Waited Long Enough – Opening Piece : Interview with Karolina Leakovic, PES Women Vice-President and former candidate for SDP Croatia Leader

As many as seven candidates participated in recent SDP Croatia leadership elections – three women included. One of them, PES Women Vice-President Karolina Leakovic, was perceived as one of the most progressive candidates, and the only that openly labeled herself… Continue Reading →


    This article is a part of research activities of the EU Foreign Policy Research Group. The European Union is unlike any other entity, a ‘trendsetter’ in the areas of economy, domestic politics and international affairs. Functioning as a… Continue Reading →

An insight on Switzerland’s direct democracy

The term “democracy” comprises a wide array of variations of its use. Ranging from religious to representative democracies, a direct democracy is one that comes closest to the most precise definition of the term, literally being: “the rule of the… Continue Reading →

Being A European Citizen

The concept of “European citizenship” appeared in 1992 in the Treaty of Maastricht, forty years after the establishment of the European Communities. Certain states see it as an infringement upon their national sovereignty, as national citizenship is symbolic of sovereign… Continue Reading →

Battleground: Europe

In the last few years, tensions between the East and West has been on the rise. One might think that the Cold War would be a thing of the past, yet terrifyingly, current situations show that this struggle of power… Continue Reading →

A view on the UK response to crisis

If there is anything that sums up the UK response to the refugee crisis, it is the building of what has been dubbed the “Great Wall of Calais”. This structure is more than a physical barrier, it is also an… Continue Reading →

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