Month January 2018

How a nine-year-old girl taught me an important lesson about perseverance

Hiba would always enter holding her friend’s hand, shy and hastily walking towards her safe, usual spot in the back of the classroom. As a nine years old Syrian girl she had lived most of her life in a Lebanese… Continue Reading →

Corporations taking responsibility: The Non-Financial Directive

Last year, the EU implemented legislation requiring all large companies (those with over 500 employees and exceeding a certain turnover level) to report on, in addition to financial information, non-financial information (Directive 2014/95/EU). This is information relating to environmental, social… Continue Reading →

The Role of Integration Theories in European Union Law

Background The European Union has a number of key values, which are commonly known – maintain peace, promote economic cooperation, sustain democracy and the rule of law, to name a few – most of which can be found in Art…. Continue Reading →

The message in a bottle we all need to face

In Nairobi, Kenya, the third United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) started last Monday, December 3rd. The Nairobi conference focuses primarily on pollution – chemical, land, marine and waste.  This leading global environmental authority is particularly focused on raising awareness towards… Continue Reading →

Russia and the European Union’s Sanctions – A mutual penalty?

For the past decades, Russia has been facing this powerful (political) instrument the economic sanctions are. In 2014, the European Union decided to implement economic sanctions towards Russia, adopted[1] in response to the “illegal annexation of Crimea[2] and the deliberate… Continue Reading →

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