Month April 2020

Coronavirus and the impact within the arena of Shipping – The change of the seafarers

Written by Ioannis G. Pissas* The 2019-nCov Novel coronavirus has changed lives around the globe; facilities like ports, airports, and businesses are shutting down. Countries in Europe, Asia and America locked down their borders in order to fight the deadly… Continue Reading →

How the non-elected government of experts changed Austria’s political standpoints (forever)

Written by Elodie Arpa My home country Austria is not known for turbulence nor does its people like political agitation. If one had to describe the Republic of Austria, one would focus on its mountainous landscape, different dialects and collective… Continue Reading →

From German Labour Minister to President of the European Commission: A new Stand for Ursula von der Leyen on the Global Race for Talent?

Written by Oscar Brunzell On November 1, 2019 Ursula von der Leyen became the 13th President of the European Commission. Her new position will come with difficult and complex questions to solve. As a leading German politician, Ursula von der… Continue Reading →

Why Trade Is the European Union’s Best Foreign Policy Asset

Written by Antoine Latran Introduction There has been a number of debates over the years on the European Union’s place in the world. Despite France’s President Emmanuel Macron calls for a more coordinated Europe in terms of defence and military… Continue Reading →

What the American Colonies can teach us about problems in EU security cooperation?

Written by Eric Adamson (Working Group on Security & Defense) What can the history of America’s original 13 colonies teach us about the problems facing European security and defense today? Quite a lot actually. Just as European nations have distinct… Continue Reading →

Female Genital Mutilation: From an Ancient Tradition to a Fundamental Abuse of Human Rights

Written by Tekla Scharwaschidze, EST Ambassador to the Republic of Austria ‘It’s time to break the silence. It is time to fight. Female Genital Mutilation has nothing to do with religion, culture or tradition. It is a crime against girls… Continue Reading →

Europe and Climate Change: Put your money where your mouth is

Written by Milena Sagawa-Krasny “Europe must lead on the climate crisis … Our goal is to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050”, writes Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, in The Guardian on December 11th 2019. She… Continue Reading →

Nothing will prevent the sun from rising again, even the darkest night

Written by Revilda Ndrecka A red alert fell across the world in a silent and sudden way, trapping all civilizations. A new virus, SARS-CoV-2, causing a disease known as COVID-19 or coronavirus, has spread all over the world, causing the… Continue Reading →

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