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The Presidential Election and its Implications for Russia and Belarus

The Belarussian economy has been stagnant for a long time. According to the World Bank’s semi-annual Economic Review, the economic growth rate remains low, partly due to a rigid economic structure and a slow-down in export markets (World Bank, 2020)…. Continue Reading →

The European Union and the European Space Agency: a partnership in the making

Written by Giulia Gallinella The EU has shown interest in furthering its space competencies since the ratification of the Treaty of Rome. In the 1960s, nonetheless, space-related activities fell exclusively under the competences of national governments (Mazurelle, 2009). The establishment… Continue Reading →

Back to the Future: Does the EU need to boost Prospective Analysis?

Written by Arturo Marqués “It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see” Winston Churchill [1] One of the great defects of democracy is short-termism. In the frenetic daily life of European policymakers,… Continue Reading →

#Poivorrei – COVID, Schengen and my wishes for the Future (and Present) of Europe

Written by Avilia Zavarella In the last few days, a new phrase appeared on Italian social media pages: “poi vorrei” – “after, I would like…”  It is a phrase of hope, hinting at the post-COVID emergency, which opens up a world… Continue Reading →

Peacebuilding in Mali and Niger: Challenges for the EU

Written by Stefan Pfalzer Mali and Niger have faced many of the same challenges in the past decades since their independence in 1960. Most importantly, they have confronted the same security threats. Both have dealt with Tuareg rebellions and currently… Continue Reading →

Europe Beyond its Borders: A History of EU-Cuba Cooperation

Written by Fabian Piga Classed by political scholars as an emerging superpower, the European Union (EU) has developed into the largest trade block worldwide and second-largest economy after the United States at 16 trillion USD (GDP nominal) [1]. However, the… Continue Reading →

What the American Colonies can teach us about problems in EU security cooperation?

Written by Eric Adamson (Working Group on Security & Defense) What can the history of America’s original 13 colonies teach us about the problems facing European security and defense today? Quite a lot actually. Just as European nations have distinct… Continue Reading →

Europe and Climate Change: Put your money where your mouth is

Written by Milena Sagawa-Krasny “Europe must lead on the climate crisis … Our goal is to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050”, writes Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, in The Guardian on December 11th 2019. She… Continue Reading →

The New Commission: Managing and Optimising the EU’s Natural Gas

Written by Loyle Campbell (Editor in Chief of the EST) There are many challenges and obstacles facing the incoming European Commission (EC) regarding energy and the environment. With the successful election of United Kingdom’s (UK) Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Brexit… Continue Reading →

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