Month January 2016

Forgetting values by taking valuables

By Sietse Blom, European Student Thinktank Secretary.  Sietse is following an internship at Cordaid in The Hague this year, after graduating with a BA in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. Sietse’s Blom’s article was published in the popular Spanish… Continue Reading →

Q & A with Member of European Parliament Wim Van de Camp: “I think the European Union will redefine its raison d ‘ être”

Wim van de Camp is a Member of the European Parliament in the European People’s Party group. He was the head of the CDA delegation of the European People’s Party between 2009-2014. He was previously a member of the Dutch… Continue Reading →

The refugee crisis in Germany

By Basti Keil, freelance writer from Germany and future student at Leiden University.   “Refugee” has just been voted the Word of the year 2015 in Germany while almost simultaneously Angela Merkel has been voted Person of the year by… Continue Reading →

Q & A with Member of the European Parliament Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (ALDE)

Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (1963) is a member of the European Parliament from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats. Within the European Parliament, van Nieuwenhuizen is Vice-Chair of the Delegation for relations with India, and a member of the Committee on… Continue Reading →

Euroscepticism taking over Europe. Will Poland spearhead it?

By Kinga Jaromin, Master student of Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw and Ambassador to Poland for the European Student Think Tank. Soon after the new Polish government started its term in the office, Polish and international news reported that… Continue Reading →

2016 welcomes the Dutch Council of the EU Presidency

By Hester Mennes, Dutch EST Ambassador. Hester is in her second year of a Master in Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. She specializes in migration and integration and has a general interest in the political aspects of multicultural… Continue Reading →

Promising new cooperation with Campus Europe

PARTNERING UP WITH EUROPEAN YOUTH The Board is most delighted to announce our newest partnership, with Campus Europe! This young organization is a network of student TVs and authors from all over Europe, working together to create a truly European… Continue Reading →

The Role of Social Norms in Corruption Research

By Christopher Starke, Nils Köbis and Cyril Brandt. Christopher Starke is the German EST Ambassador and a PhD student of European Solid­ar­ity at the Depart­ment of Com­mu­nic­a­tion Research in Mün­ster. Even before the recent allegations against FIFA or the arrest of… Continue Reading →

Ernst Strasser and the ‘Cash-for-Laws‘ scandal: an Austrian tale of political corruption

By Johannes Tropper, Austrian Ambassador to the European Student Think Tank Most European countries have had their very own political corruption scandal in the past few years. One prominent Austrian politician charged with corruption was Ernst Strasser, Member of the… Continue Reading →

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