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Highlights from our EU debate in Spanish Parliament

In the wake of the 60th anniversary of the European Union, the European Student Think Tank hosted a debate in Spanish Congress on the future of Europe in which 90 students, experts and international and national politicians participated. The year… Continue Reading →

Will the EU stand with CEU?- Dilemma between Pragmatism and Values

Nowadays, when pondering the fate of the EU, one of the questions that arises is whether the EU is to continue fighting for the values it is founded on, or whether it is to focus more on pragmatic behaviour, due… Continue Reading →

Common Article: (Un)Fair Internships – Part II

Dear Readers, In case you count yourself to the majority of our followers – students – you have probably been there: in order to enhance your future career chances you were going through the struggle of applying for that one… Continue Reading →

March for Europe, a call of Union citizens!

Saturday the 25th of March marked the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome – a time for celebrations around Europe. It seemed that celebrating was a necessity in these time of turmoil and crisis, in opposition to the voices… Continue Reading →

Lowering the Minimum Age for Voting: Good or Bad Idea?

In this term Spain’s Parliament refused to give to those who are under 18 the right to vote. Concretely, this proposition, which was redacted by Esquerra Republicana (left wing of the Catalonian independents), was rejected by the votes of Popular Party (PP)… Continue Reading →

A Major Step Forward in European Defence Integration

    This article is a part of research activities of the EU Foreign Policy Research Group Due to Europe’s deteriorating security situation, there is a pressing need to do more in terms of cooperation and coordination among the EU… Continue Reading →

Being A European Citizen

The concept of “European citizenship” appeared in 1992 in the Treaty of Maastricht, forty years after the establishment of the European Communities. Certain states see it as an infringement upon their national sovereignty, as national citizenship is symbolic of sovereign… Continue Reading →

Battleground: Europe

In the last few years, tensions between the East and West has been on the rise. One might think that the Cold War would be a thing of the past, yet terrifyingly, current situations show that this struggle of power… Continue Reading →

EU Foreign Policy Overview-Summary

  Dear Readers, In the past year the world, and the EU in particular, has faced numerous developments that appear a major surprise to many people. BREXIT, the victory of Donald Trump in the US elections, increased Russian influence in… Continue Reading →

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