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EST Briefing on Corona Autocracy in Hungary

Written by Markus Pollak & John Smith (Working Group on Security and Defense) Corona Autocracy in Hungary On March 30th, amidst the first weeks of the European COVID-19 crisis, Hungary may have taken a decisive step closer to becoming the EU’s… Continue Reading →

The Rule of Law in Today’s Poland

For a very long time Poland has been seen as the epitome of a successful political and economic transformation from socialism to a capitalist regime. This sweet picture started collapsing two years ago. In fact, the ultra conservative party Law… Continue Reading →

Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group 2017-2018 – Positions on the EU’s Institutional Future

The Visegrad Group (V4) consists of four culturally similar and similarly developed countries: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic[1]. The group was formed in early 1991, less than two years after the collapse of communism, in order to rise… Continue Reading →

The Visegrád group: Voice of the Central Europe?

The Visegrád group is a cultural and political union of 4 countries: The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. All those countries are located in the Central European region and it is exactly this geographic character that gave them a… Continue Reading →

Will the EU stand with CEU?- Dilemma between Pragmatism and Values

Nowadays, when pondering the fate of the EU, one of the questions that arises is whether the EU is to continue fighting for the values it is founded on, or whether it is to focus more on pragmatic behaviour, due… Continue Reading →

Momentum – The past and future of a movement

  In the past few weeks the Momentum political movement has risen from its unborn ashes to resist against the establishment’s idea of social prosperity: The 2024 Olympic Games. Within a few weeks they collected over 266 thousand (counting is… Continue Reading →

Migration, refugees and the so-called European identity

By Diana Guth, master’s student Human Rights and International Politics at the University of Glasgow and writer for the European Student Think Tank.  During the past year, the subject of migrants and refugees has constantly been in the spotlight. First… Continue Reading →

Greece: A Geopolitical Eurocrisis

By Marten Kooistra, President of the European Student Think Tank. After a loud ‘no’ against a proposed financial plan for Greece, European leaders find themselves behind closed doors, talking about trust and numbers in a more serious tone than ever… Continue Reading →

The Hungarian Controversy

by Timea Viragh. Originally published on 2014/04/11 Nowadays, many people in Hungary are against the European Union. While in 2004, when Hungary joined the EU, 45% of its population thought that EU membership would be beneficial for the country, in… Continue Reading →

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