Month October 2020

SOTEU Debate Report

On the footprints of the State of the European Union (SOTEU) speech presented by the president of the European Commission, the European Student Think Tank teamed up with 9 other associations to enhance a pan-European consultation on young preoccupations. This… Continue Reading →

Big Phil to Valdis Dombrovskis: A Reset in EU-US Trade Relations?

Written by Maximilian Magnacca Part of the series ‘The Future of European Trade: Challenges and Hopes’ Phil Hogan, or Big Phil as he is known in certain circles, has had a long history of increasingly senior political roles both in… Continue Reading →

G20 Summit: Call for Articles

The G20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation, made up of twenty members representing about 80% of the world’s economic output, two-thirds of its population and three-quarters of its international trade. Once a year, leaders of these countries… Continue Reading →

The New Economic Paradigm

Written by Vasilis Psarras  “The long waves, are a very important and essential factor in economic development, a factor the effects of which can be found in all principal fields of social and economic life” – Nikolai Kondratieff The Covid-19… Continue Reading →

The Politics of Emissions Reduction Targets: How Targets Can Fool You

Part of the column ‘The European Green Deal Explained: The EU’s attempts to save the Climate’ Written by Joran Buwalda In the previous column, we looked at the three main instruments that the EU uses to reduce emissions. We will… Continue Reading →

The space frontier: exploration, warfare, and pollution

Written by Guido Lanfranchi Human activities in space are increasingly polluting the space environment. In the long run, comprehensive reforms in international law will be needed to slow down this trend. In the shorter term, however, there are targeted measures… Continue Reading →

The EU’s space sector and space policy

Written by Ignacio Juan Vázquez Carneiro The beginning of the space race is usually placed on October 4, 1957, with the launch of the Soviet unmanned satellite Sputnik I. This launch took place in a context of tensions between two superpowers… Continue Reading →

Does Europe need to catch-up in the NewSpace race?

Written by Lucas Strange Traditionally, initiatives in space were a state-only playground, with enormous costs and risks that have deterred private companies. However, due to major technological advancements, the landscape is changing as we see entrepreneurs pick up rockets as… Continue Reading →

Why Bulgaria’s anti-corruption protests are showing serious government failure?

A protester holding a sign ‘EU are you blind?’ during an anti-governmental protest in Sofia –   Copyright/ Photo by Sketches of Sofia Overview of the recent protests For weeks Bulgaria has been engulfed in fierce protests fuelled by the… Continue Reading →

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