Applications for editors for 2020/2021 are CLOSED

Would you like to make a real impact on the discussions shaping the future of Europe? Are you keen to work with a diverse international team as part of a multinational thinktank? Do you have experience on editing, or are you looking to gain some?

The European Student Thinktank is an international forum for student-led discussions on European policy and practice, bringing together like-minded individuals from across Europe and beyond. Through our regular articles, issue-specific papers, columns, and our international peer-review journal European Policy Review (EPR), our broad team of editors and writers lead commentary, analysis, and recommendations on behalf of young people across the Continent.

All positions are UNPAID and open to students with a good command of English 



As an editor, you are responsible for: 

  • Facilitating the flow of papers through the Thinktank.  
  • Proof-reading articles and ensuring that each submission reaches its full potential and adheres to the EST standards
  • Helping each writer get the most out of the EST. There is no such thing as a standard editor or a standard submission, and you will be required to be flexible, supporting writers of common articles, columns, and the EPR throughout the academic year.


·   Interesting and Relevant Articles: Editors are placed in teams based on their interests, and our submissions range from discussions of politics and current affairs, to theoretical considerations of the idea of Europe itself. No two submissions are the same, and our editors are always learning!

·   A Global Network: The EST is your chance to work closely with an international team of writers and editors from both European and non-European countries, and to form connections based on your common interests.

·   Skills: Volunteering as an Editor for the EST will shape and develop a variety of skills, from your ability to communicate in a team and organise around differing commitments, to strengthening your understanding of the editing process through our training workshops. Many of our board members began by writing and editing for the EST!

·   CV and Recommendation Letter: The EST will look great to an employer, demonstrating a passionate interest in shaping policy and the world around it, and a sustained understanding of international and European affairs! We are more than happy to provide a recommendation letter for our editors once they finish their terms with us.


·       An excellent command of editing and writing skills in the English language

·       An interest in, and knowledge of, a wide range of European affairs

·       Strong Communication and Teamwork skills

·       Fantastic organisational skills, especially when it comes to time management

·       Initiative

·       A commitment to editing for the EST throughout the 2020-21 academic year.

Application Process

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A Letter of motivation which should include: 
    • Your motivation
    • Your experience with editing (if applicable) 
  • An original writing sample or editing sample

Please, send your application with the subject line “EST Editor Application” to by 4 September 2020.