Nicholas Argyros


Nicholas is currently in his second year studying Applied Mathematical & Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens. He aspires mastering Computing Physics and Coding. Being a geography fan from a young age, he has always been interested in all the things that can bridge the gap between nations. He firmly supports and embraces the idea of global citizenship, and tries his best to make everyone around him feel responsible and be informed about global issues. 

Being an active member of AIESEC in Athens, has made him feel that the European student community has untapped potential and can achieve much more in the future. European Union principles and Pan-European culture can be widespread through EST projects and activities in Greek universities, and that is one of his ambitions. 

He has a quite strong interest in issues related to technology and innovation at a continental level. Talking about hobbies, he is a basketball fanatic and, even though he is not currently a player at due to minor injuries, he contributes on a weekly basis as an accredited basketball writer. He loves discovering