Raluca Idor fulfilled the position of EST Ambassador to Romania in 2012-13. In the following she shares her experiences of working for the EST.


Ambassador Raluca Idor

I believe that Charles Adams was right when he stated that “no student ever attains success by simply doing what is required of him”; it is always the extracurricular dimension which makes the difference. And if you are looking for self-fulfillment, it is necessary to go an extra mile, get involved in activities that help you grow, not only professionally, but also personally.

During my studies, I have tried to implement this idea and I took part in many seminars and conferences, I volunteered for several NGOs and I worked for numerous projects devoted to the Romanian youth. In 2011, I moved to Germany and I got enrolled in a dual master program in European Studies at the University of Flensburg and the University of Southern Denmark. Since I did not want to lose my pro-active lifestyle, I started looking for new challenges. And the quest was successful.

In June 2012, I began a fruitful cooperation with the European Student Think Tank. Becoming the Ambassador to Romania was a great decision and has allowed me to enjoy one of the most pleasant and enriching experiences of my extracurricular life.

Being part of the EST has meant for me being part of an international, open-minded and flexible team, willing to offer an added-value to the ways in which the European Union is perceived among the generations of its young citizens. Working with people from different countries and backgrounds, exchanging ideas and debating issues of collective interest widened my horizons and developed my communicational and networking skills. But more than this, it allowed me to discover and explore one of Romania’s prettiest “faces”.

What did I do?

As Ambassador, my main task was to facilitate the connection between my country’s civil society and the EST. While promoting EST in Romania, I had the surprise and pleasure to discover a very enthusiastic non-governmental sector, with people thinking beyond the national borders and with a significant interest in European issues. I came in contact with students, trainers, volunteers and I was always happy to find out how resourceful the young people are and how much they need to be taken into account. It was a joy for me to be able to introduce them to EST and therefore to offer them a platform where they can express their opinion and exert influence on the European decision-making process.

Being part of the EST’s network did not only offer me to acquire new skills, but it also taught me a lot about myself. It represented a way of abolishing geographical, language and cultural barriers. Therefore, I totally recommend the European Student Think Tank to anyone who wants to enjoy an international self-enriching experience while promoting the idea that young people represent a driver for change in today’s European society.

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