Month October 2016

Young generation = pro-Europe, Old generation=anti-Europe?

It might be the opposite! The result of the Brexit referendum made it crystal clear: Whilst the majority of young people voted for Britain to remain in the EU, the majority of older people decided to withdrawal. Many young Brits… Continue Reading →

The Disunited Union – Is a common way still possible?

“I told you that there is not enough Europe in this Union. And that there is not enough Union in this Union. […] But never before have I seen such little common ground between our Member States. So few areas where… Continue Reading →

Austrian Presidential Elections: a Never-Ending Story?

  “The second ballot, which will decide who will be the next Austrian Head of State, will take place on 22 May. Come what may, the FPÖ and Hofer sent a clear message” (Marenco, 2016). On 24 April, presidential elections… Continue Reading →

Poland’s ‘Return to Europe’: Economic Growth and Social Impact

  Twelve years ago, the transformation of Poland from a post-communism to a free market-oriented capitalist economy led to its accession to the European Union. The day on which this happened, May 1st 2004, remains a symbol of genuine change…. Continue Reading →


After three years of brutal civil war and more than thirty under a dictatorship, Spain opened the doors of freedom in 1978. The Spanish Constitution voted the 6th December 1978 meant the commitment of Spaniards to a future built upon… Continue Reading →

By our English Ambassador: ‘Are we the bad guys?’

  We in the UK see ourselves as world leaders and as a benevolent force in the world: a member of the G7, G20 and much more, with ‘special relationships’ between us and many other countries, financially successful but also… Continue Reading →


  In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of gates and doors, or more abstractly, of all beginnings. He is mostly portrayed as two-faced, a characteristic apt for his supervision of who might enter or exit. When in 2015, large… Continue Reading →

EST Ambassadors On Gender Equality

Dear readers, It is with great pleasure that the EST is launching its very first Common Article, a collaboration of 18 of our ambassadors who share their take on Gender (In-) Equality. Below, you can find their opinions, factual descriptions,… Continue Reading →

Bosnia and Herzegovina on the path towards the European Union

In the early 90s, while many European countries were rising on their path towards prosperity, Bosnia was in the state of war. The result of the 4 years long war were the Dayton Peace Accords signed in November 1995. By… Continue Reading →

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