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The Disunited Union – Is a common way still possible?

“I told you that there is not enough Europe in this Union. And that there is not enough Union in this Union. […] But never before have I seen such little common ground between our Member States. So few areas where… Continue Reading →

Geopolitics Behind Aylan Kurdi’s Death

Will the US-Russia ceasefire deal make a difference? By Olga Papadopoulou, holder of a MSc. in Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Olga recently finished her Ph.D. thesis in “labour market inequalities” in the department of Geography from University of… Continue Reading →

The Austrian aftermath – why the EU has a problem with sanctioning its member states for violating democratic principles

Wiebke Junge studied Political Science in Vienna and European Politics at LSE in London. She recently finished her dissertation on ‘European Sanctions and Democratic Principles’ and currently works as a Parliamentary Assistant to the MP of the Austrian NEOS party,… Continue Reading →

This is the endgame: The choice Europe faces is between unity and dissolution

By Project for Democratic Union, as part of the Pitching Europe series with Campus Europe. The European crisis has been long, savage and multifaceted, and from today’s vantage-point there is precious little light to be glimpsed at the end of… Continue Reading →

Making the EU more transparent, accountable and representative

By 1989 Generation Initiative, as part of the Pitching Europe partnership with Campus Europe. The European Union (EU) is facing a deep political crisis. With increasing pressure coming from the refugee crisis, with an in-or-out referendum on the United Kingdom’s… Continue Reading →

Interview with Member of European Parliament Sophie in ‘t Veld

Sophie in ‘t Veld is a Dutch Member of the European Parliament in the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. Veld studied History at the State University of Leiden and has post-doctoral training in management and public administration. In… Continue Reading →

Greece: A Geopolitical Eurocrisis

By Marten Kooistra, President of the European Student Think Tank. After a loud ‘no’ against a proposed financial plan for Greece, European leaders find themselves behind closed doors, talking about trust and numbers in a more serious tone than ever… Continue Reading →

Opinion – If at first you don’t succeed, fail and bail out again. On the sense and nonsense of the ECB’s extensive stress-tests

by Julie Ann Aelbrecht. Originally published on 2014/11/15 In preparation for a stronger Banking and monetary union, the European Central Bank preformed so-called “stress-tests” with its Single Supervisory Mechanism. The ECB published the results of their thorough year-long examination of the… Continue Reading →

We need to talk about the Left: motion vs action

by Rodrigo Vaz. Originally published on 2014/04/17 For every progressive living in the EU it has been, for a long time now, embarrassing to witness the lack of resolve by the social democratic parties on the continent – especially since… Continue Reading →

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